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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Penyanyi pop asal Kanada, Justin Bieber,  emang lagi jadi buah bibir, baik di dunia maupun di tanah air sendiri. Apalagi yang sering nongkrongin twitter, pasti ngeh dengan nama JB. 
Hihihi, gimana engga’ ngeh, kalo dia selalu bertahan jadi Trending Topic Twitter. 
Justin Bieber

Profil Justin Bieber :

“Hey it’s me Justin Bieber. :-) Let me tell you about myself.”
“I was born on March 1 1994, I was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.” (I)
“Lets see uuhhh how I got famous, (I) how I got famous was on youtube by a guy named Scooter Braoun, he is so cool. I had my first album out called “My World”.” 
“If you would like to know much more about me become my friend” (L)
“My Facebook is facebook.com/justinbieber. (H) And my twitter is @justinbieber. Thank you guys so much and take care”
Justin Drew Bieber (nama lengkap Justin Bieber), :-D sendiri mulai terkenal sejak video nyanyiannya meledak di You tube.

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